Friday is my best day of the week, just wanted to put it out there.  Since now you know lemmi get back to business. Well I started my day at around 7.00am as usual prepared myself and came for breakfast. Which was delicious as always. After breakfast we went to the media resource where we normally assemble. At around 9.30am the members of the community arrived not all but only the committee leaders. The lecture by Peter kicked off at around 10.00am. Peter started the lecture by giving madam Jane who is the overall leader to give brief information on what is on the ground and what the community has been doing since the last time we were in the community. Madam Jane explained a lot of stuff that they have been doing but mainly she passed a complaint from the community members of chamgiwadu who were always asking when is the radio station going to be set up.

Peter explained to them that they are still gathering the money and students from Brighton are really working hard to raise funds which are not easy as they think but plans are underway. From there Peter continued with the lecture and in the middle of the lecture Peter asked us to form groups with the community members in order to tackle some questions which we did.

This gave us an opportunity to interact more with the community members and get to hear their issues. After discussing the question we presented it and moved on with the lecture. At around 2.00pm we went for lunch had a nice meal together with the members of the community.

After lunch the community members left since there was a technical error with the Wi-Fi and so we decided to meet on Monday in the field.  After few moments later we went for dinner and later on everyone left to their hostels.

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Thursday 25/2018.


Yes!!! Today I will begin my blog on a low note. Have you ever boarded a vehicle to a place you do not know but you know there’s a task you have to do over there? That was the case with me and a few others today. The day started well as we assembled in the resource center after breakfast for equipment set up and collection. Peter emphasized on time keeping and strict adherence to our main objective.

We arrived at Cham Gi Wadu shopping centre at around 10:45 am, picked up Madam Jane (one of the community project steers) among other community members. It was at this point that I realized we were heading to Osiata Church to meet the church members. When we got there, there was nobody around but the word of Wazungu being around spread all over and we had several members turn up with higher expectations as their faces could indicate.

We had our work done in our respective groups with a lot of ease since there wasn’t much to cover. With the help of Angelica or my expert as I call her, we captured the establishment shots with a lot of keen as we didn’t want to experience lots of difficulties when editing as we faced yesterday. In about an hour we were done and we had to rush to the bus for our journey of Leng’o Secondary School after being informed that the road we were to use was muddy and impassable in case it rained while at the place.

We left the bus about 2 kilometers away and walked towards the school. Mr. Mark Ouma, our interpreter joked that we were to walk for 11 kilometers, a statement that was harshly received by members on the bus. Some came to agree with him after our experience of climbing the hill to the school. I must say that Leng’o Secondary students are all physically fit judging from the hard time most of us underwent to reach the School gate. I had to come help Halima’s reach our destination as Geoffrey Kioko looked exited on seeing our helpless Hafsah running low on gas.

Our final place was Cham Gi Wadu market. Since it was a market day, we had to take some footages on the business activities that would help in our Community Asset Mapping. We however experienced one major challenge at the beginning as most of the businessmen and women didn’t want us to record nor take pictures of their operations unless we gave them some appreciations in terms of cash. Despite all that, Fiona Maswai, Halima Roba and Aron managed to hold interviews with men and women at the market. We later headed back to school and be served with our nice refreshments as we reflected on the day’s activities.DSC_0131


Kassim Mohammed.

25th….its Thursday i cant help thinking of last month

I had an ugly morning I thought of not being a Chelsea fan and there i was … I had to have a good day  ..haha. To Peter’s lecture we had to divide ourselves into three groups that is audacity, videography and photography .

Being in the photography group for the first time and of course my second day learning from my experienced group members; Hafsa, Geoff and Japhet ….something is happening here I’m really getting through it well, getting eager to learn more from what i saw them trying to teach each other about manual photography.

It’s my second day onto fieldwork and I mean I am having a fantastic day! having perfected all my shots  with Hafsa and Geoffrey endorsing them, unknowingly for them they are really boosting my  confidence and I can’t be thankful enough for CM4K for bringing all this together for me to learn much about photography.

I am not really engaging but least for Geoffrey he has got a quick wit that makes me feel challenged and i am beginning to have a lot of confidence in me to engage everyone in the field. And to you Hafsa and Peter you mastered my name so fast i really don’t have the time to hide behind my friends in the field in fact i am beginning to be more active and resourceful. Thanks CM4K

Its Ann BTW!



It’s finally Thursday, yeeey…LOL!!!!

After the activity that took place yesterday, running up and down playing the games my body was aching like crazy. I woke up feeling like losing the will to live, that’s how bad I was feeling though I had fun playing the games. So I woke up at around 7.00am prepared myself slowly the came to school where we always meet. I had breakfast which was very healthy and delicious shout out to mercy and her colleagues for making the best dishes for us. Truly appreciated.

At exactly 10.00am we assembled at the media resource center best known as (MRC) where Peter was to give a lecture on community radio. He gave a talk on tools to promote peace, culture, democracy and development in depth.  In the middle of the talk Peter told us to divide ourselves into three groups which we did, he gave us questions to discuss then present later. He mentioned something very important that,” from now hence forth we should forget that we are Rongo students and Brighton students”. We should work as one group aiming to achieve the same goal. That really made everything comfortable and it also gave us the opportunity to listen to what each one of us had to offer.

At around 2.00pm we went for lunch and again we had a very delicious meal. There were fresh fruits to finish the meal with which was very tasty. After that we relaxed a bit then came back for the second lecture. Which went on until around 5.00pm is when we finished. As we were waiting for dinner to be prepared we started talking to one another and catching up some were on their phones others were taking photos .At around 6,00pm dinner was served we enjoyed our chapattis and many other mouthwatering  meals. All thanks to mercy and her crew once again. After dinner we went to our hostels.

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Cm4K THURSDAY 25/01/2018


We assembled at the media resource center at 10:30am and we got our equipment after breakfast. Some bottles of water were taken to the university’s bus for our own use. Boarding the university bus we set off for Osatia S.D.A (seventh day Adventists) Church. Getting to Chamgiwadu Shopping center we were joined by community members then went on with our journey. After a while, we got to a point where our vehicle could not move anymore and there we had to walk to the church, the walking was enjoyable. We got to the church where we found some members .Assuming to our roles we begun our work. Those who were taking photos went ahead with their work, those filming did the same thing while those doing interviews got to it. The community members were very happy to host us. Having done everything that we had planned to do we headed back to the vehicle. Reaching at the university bus we set off to Lang’o Arek Mixed Secondary School.


The place is so interior that we were forced to walk  for a distance up to the school. Going up the hill was not an easy task, with people sweating, complaining, others being assisted to go up the hill we finally got to the school. Reaching there some of our members had to rest for a while as they seemed so tired. The students were having their lunch and as for us we had to resume our roles once again. This took place very fast after which we started our walk back to the bus. Boarding the bus we set off for Chamgiwadu Shopping center again, this was a market day and we found them doing their general activities that they usually do during market day. They were selling and buying as usual though the clouds were threatening to pull out rain. The business people were wrapping up their products so fast that we could hardly carry out our roles efficiently and effectively, but all in all we had to carry out our roles and collect the required information.


Having successfully accomplished our tasks we now started our journey back to the university, but the day was not good for Katie who got stung by a bee. We came back to the university where we had some refreshments and snacks too. Then we got to our work of editing as we waited for dinner.

May Kimeu.



Beautiful right? I agree. This was the second day where basically we were supposed to get to know each other well. Which we did we played some games so as to break the ice and know each other well. In this session we really had a lot of fun we really got to know a lot about each other. I just can’t explain the feeling that we experienced because its priceless having people from different places coming together and getting to know each other plus working with one another is a very good thing. Shout out to all my October babies (Hafsah) you guys are the bomb Lol.


So the games we played were bulldogs which the students from Brighton taught us it was fun we were all running around like crazy kids, for those who were the wolf were strategizing on how to  get the others. I’ll show u a picture that will help you understand what am talking about.


After the games we rested for a while then went for dinner later on everyone went to their hostels.

Thanks for passing by as always see you on my next blog.

22ND JAN 2018: Meeting Cham Gi Wadu Community


It hasn’t been three years, has it?

The whole of this week we are doing community asset mapping. As CM4K we are trying to look at the assets that the Cham Gi Wadu community possesses, more so the assets that can be used in setting up and running the community radio station. The goal is to have a self-sustaining radio station and that is why asset mapping is important.


This is our first day in the field this year and I am excited. It is always a pleasure to visit Cham Gi Wadu. The community is always eager to see us. Their eyes are always full of love and appreciation that makes my heart swell but there is also huge expectation in their eyes that makes me get scared of how much they expect from us. Although CM4K is helping set up the community radio station, it is the community who will be running it. So it’s CM4K who expects much from the community. It is their hard work, input and dedication that will make this initiative a success. It is because of this that we started looking at the assets that the community possess. Assets can range from knowledge to infrastructure.

Our photography group just like the other groups – audio and video – teaches community members how to use some of the digital equipment. Our aim is not to make professionals out of them in a day but first to familiarize them with the equipment they will be dealing with when the radio station starts to operate. This is part of participatory research where the community is actively involved in the project.

There are community members already assembled at the Divisional Officer grounds waiting for us. After a brief welcome from the area chief we start interacting with the community members. After taking a few pics of the chief I step out to find Oliver and Halima teaching a group of community members how to use the voice recorder. The community members seem eager to learn, I hope they remembered to switch it on. I remember recording a thirty minute speech only to realize I hadn’t switched on that thing. From that day I kind of developed a phobia for voice recorders. Too risky!

I ask Madam Pamela Wasonga if she wants to learn how to use a digital camera. She excitedly agrees. Mercy from the Video group joins me and we start teaching her about the basics. In a few seconds we are joined by three more members of the community who also want to learn. When she takes her first picture they all clap and ululate. I might be wrong, but these women are all over 50 years old but the excitement they have in learning a new trick is like a kid getting that present she is always nagging her parents for. They take turns in taking pictures and I am amazed by the happiness this camera is creating on these women. I leave Mercy with the community members and go to find Hafsah and Japhet. I want them to witness this magic too.

Omware Mixed Secondary School is our next stop. The Principal of the school says we should talk to the members of the journalism club. But then something happens, almost half of the school says they are interested in Media and so he has no option but let the whole school interact with CM4K members. I know you heard this story before about the girl who became a professional photographer in a few minutes and started teaching the other students. If you haven’t please check my previous blog post. This was my proudest moment as a CM4K member. We even joke with Japhet that the students took better pictures than we usually do. To see such eagerness among the kids to learn was encouraging. If everyone is eager to learn like the students and the women we taught earlier then this radio station will be a success.

There are many factors that will make this initiative a success. Everyone willing can help this initiative in a way and we would greatly appreciate. Are you willing to be a part of the group that will bring voice to the voiceless in Cham Gi Wadu?





cm4k 22/01/2018


This was our first day to the field, we were to interact with the community members, talk to them and try to find out how they were in need of the community radio station, how it would help them in their daily activities and get some ideas on how we would establish our google map for the community area. After breakfast we all assembled in the media resource center, divided ourselves into three groups namely; video, audio and photography. We were assigned roles to make our work easier and effective in the field. Everyone under the help of Isabel took their equipment and safely packed them for the work ahead. We left the University premises at 11:00 a.m, everyone seemed excited. We boarded the University bus to Chamgiwadu. Some community members joined us along the way. At 12:00 noon we arrived at the Chamgiwadu Divisional Office where we were welcomed by the Sub-Chief David Onyango among other officials together with community members. We got direct to our work ,we started with an interview with the Sub-Chief, he assured us of full support from his side and surely that was a good impression to the project. We also had some interviews with the community members that were done by Angelica and I in brief while others were done by Mercy, Aron, Evelyn under Sam’s assistance. At 13:45 we left the Chief’s office for Kakwara Primary School. Almost everyone looked tired but we had to carry on since the tasks for the day were not yet done. At Kakwara Primary School we weren’t welcomed that well but nevertheless we had to meet our objectives for the day.Found the headmaster in a meeting and we were kind of disturbance to the staff.We took some videos,photographs and some interviews.   At 14:30 pm we set off for Omware Mixed Secondary School, here we were warmly welcomed by the Principal and all the staff that was present, we had interaction with the students, taught them how to operate some of the equipment that we had, they were excited with the session and they asked questions and of course we were excited to share the knowledge we had with them. They had a journalism club that consisted of those who were interested in taking media studies as a career in future. We had comedians too, there was a boy who confidently reported on a match together with one of our university students, Oliver, they did it very well. Having taken videos,photos and conducted some interviews we proceeded to Omware Primary School. Here we were well received, took videos too and photos. Here everyone seemed to be so tired and we got into the bus where we had some refreshments. Then we started our journey back to the university at around 17:00 pm. Reaching the university we assembled at the media resource center where we had a brief meeting with Peter, he appreciated us for the cooperation we had all through the day, Prof. Jerry also explained to us the reasons why he was not able to join us after which everyone relaxed as we waited for dinner.

It was a lovely day for each and everyone of us, we got to learn and enjoy different experiences. This was really a lovely day to begin with in the field.

May Kimeu

23rd Tuesday 2018

I’m worrying too much about my first blog because its the beginning but i hope you wont truth bomb me if its not mind blowing haha… So yes we set off to cham gi wadu to share ideas with different ages in the community inclusive of students,health workers,traders and the community members.

We majored on how the community would benefit from the community radio that would be established and yes these guys were undoubtedly in it .For in stance ,the health workers said that they had health programmes that the community should be aware of and this would be easier if aired through the radio .

So i was in the photography group thanks to you Hafsah,Japhet and Geoffrey get along with camera work i took several shots with your help….. yeaap it was my first time and you did not tire from assisting me out however dumb it  seemed haha