Friday is my best day of the week, just wanted to put it out there.  Since now you know lemmi get back to business. Well I started my day at around 7.00am as usual prepared myself and came for breakfast. Which was delicious as always. After breakfast we went to the media resource where we normally assemble. At around 9.30am the members of the community arrived not all but only the committee leaders. The lecture by Peter kicked off at around 10.00am. Peter started the lecture by giving madam Jane who is the overall leader to give brief information on what is on the ground and what the community has been doing since the last time we were in the community. Madam Jane explained a lot of stuff that they have been doing but mainly she passed a complaint from the community members of chamgiwadu who were always asking when is the radio station going to be set up.

Peter explained to them that they are still gathering the money and students from Brighton are really working hard to raise funds which are not easy as they think but plans are underway. From there Peter continued with the lecture and in the middle of the lecture Peter asked us to form groups with the community members in order to tackle some questions which we did.

This gave us an opportunity to interact more with the community members and get to hear their issues. After discussing the question we presented it and moved on with the lecture. At around 2.00pm we went for lunch had a nice meal together with the members of the community.

After lunch the community members left since there was a technical error with the Wi-Fi and so we decided to meet on Monday in the field.  After few moments later we went for dinner and later on everyone left to their hostels.

Thanks for passing by as always see you on the next blog!!!!!



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