25th – Meeting the Community

We travelled once again to Rongo University, where we waited for the bigger bus to take all of us students to the village. However, the bus was off getting fuelled up for the journey but was taking so long and no one could contact the driver. Peter was worries, as members of the community had taken time out of their working day to be there and were sat waiting for us.

Eventually, the bus came back, and we drove to Cham Gi Wadu. Thankfully, some of the community members were still there, some couldn’t wait any longer for us unfortunately… As an apology for our lateness, we brought in our lunch and handed it out to everyone as a thank you for waiting for us. Luckily, the chief had been caught up in another meeting and was also running late.

The talk was split up into two parts, firstly we recorded community members and the social workers. Everyone introduced themselves and it was a very similar set up to the day before. Issues faced by the community members were discussed and each of them gave their view on the idea of a community radio station. They were very positive about the CM4K project and seemed eager for the community radio station to be set up.

After that first half was recorded, we all took a break as we waited for the chief to arrive. When he got there, we all got back to our original places and recorded his speech on the topic of the radio station. It was pretty short and sweet but overwhelmingly positive. One thing that he did say that particularly stood out to me was that the community was “eager and waiting”, that they were “ready and can’t wait any longer”. Due to unforeseen circumstances such as Peters injury and COVID-19, the project had been set back about three years. This meant we were the first group to revisit the project and get it back on track.

On our way back we visited a school quickly and met another community that live in a village that has a freshwater spring. Due to one of our team members being ill, we were unable to visit the spring with them, but they still welcomed us with open arms. We really have experienced how welcoming the communities are here to guests, it is so lovely but at the same time it feels like we don’t deserve such an honoured welcome as we haven’t done much to deserve it. But at the same time, it is important to appreciate their hospitality.

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