26th – Filming at the Schools

Today we went round to three different schools to film their preparations for the performances that will be showcased tomorrow at the community exhibition.

The first school had small groups of students that prepared performances such as poetry, stand-up comedy, and dance. One thing about this schools’ performances that I did notice was that the students didn’t seem very keen on performing. I’m not surprised though as I would have felt the same if I had to perform in front of nearly the whole school, a group of strangers, and be filmed by multiple cameras…

The second school had an older group of students who performed a play on the topic of illegal abortions and the danger they cause to young women. They were so confident, and I admired how brave they were, even the cameras didn’t faze them! It was a powerful story, although it was sprinkled with some comedy which was an interesting contrast to the sad tale they were portraying.

The last school of the day performed a skit as well, this time the theme was on child labour and the impact that has on children’s education. Again, they added a comedic factor which didn’t reflect the serious impact of the topic, but as they are all younger students, I’m not surprised they wanted to make it more fun and lighter. One of the teachers commented at the end that it was a really good performance but could do with some more content on the actual issue rather than jokes.

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