27th – Exhibition Day!

We got the big university bus from the Rongo campus and drove around to pick people up on our way to the event location!

To capture the event, we had two cameras filming, one wireless microphone that was passed to the current speaker, and three handheld zoom audio recorders. There were many speakers and performances over the course of the day that covered topics such as, industry/infrastructure, child labour, illegal abortion, other important instances of modern-day slavery faced by community members, community radio and the opportunities it could bring to the community. Some topics discussed were a bit controversial, and some members of the community left when the topic of legal abortions were supported.  

After the performances, everyone ate together, and the school children gathered around the speakers and danced together. All in all, it was quite a long day, the heat contributed to this. I think one thing I would have liked to have been different would have been that we were told the structure of the performances beforehand or had the chance to plan our filming more.

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