24th – First Day in Cham Gi Wadu

Today was going to be a big day, as it was the first time we were meeting social workers who were part of the community in Cham Gi Wadu, and hear about issues that they were collectively facing. As a group, us students were going to record the meeting.

We set up the chairs an all the recording equipment, students were still grouped in different groups depending on their roles (video, photography, audio). We began the talk and Jerry, the professor at Rongo University, introduces the project and also the three women who are sat at the front. They are social workers for the community there and organise the work with CM4K.

The social workers have been discussing issues with the community, they meet families and get to know them, and are a source of aid when issues come up. It is clear that issues of modern-day slavery are still prevalent in this area, and community radio is seen as a tool that can help educate people on their rights and empower them. It can expose issues and help victims and gives them a voice.

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