23rd – First Official Project Day

Initially, we had planned to leave at 9:30 so that we were on time to meet the Vice Chancellor of the University of Rongo. Eventually, we made it to the university and still had the chance to meet the Chancellor. We discussed the partnership the two universities, the University of Brighton and the University of Rongo. He said that the partnership is helpful as they can share knowledge and ensure the courses here in Rongo are at a high academic level. He said it is a struggle for third world countries to reach this level due to lack of funding, and the CM4K project provides a solution to this problem.

The first hiccup was that we had collectively forgotten to bring the key that unlocks the suitcase we had brought with us which held all the equipment we had bought with the fundraising money. The equipment was all radio related and was to be given to the university in order to progress with the CM4K project.

After lunch, Peter gave another lecture to both Brighton and Rongo students specifically on Community Radio. This was followed with a practical session using the kit that we had brought with us. All of us split up into groups, a video group, a photography group, and an audio group, making sure the ratio of Brighton and Rongo students in each group was roughly 50/50. I was in the audio group, as this was the area I had the least experience in so I thought it would be a good chance to learn from Rachael – a pro!! We learned how to operate the Zoom Handheld Audio Recorders.

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