22nd – Flamingos at Lake Simbi

We had a late start today which meant we got to have a swim in the morning! We then all got on the minivan to travel to Lake Simbi in search of Flamingos.

Again, it wasn’t a short drive to the lake… but it was definitely worth it. When arrived (driving slightly too close to the edge of the small cliff for my liking…) we couldn’t see any flamingos, so we thought we might have missed them for today. But as we turned the corner, we were greeted with a group of them in the water right below us.

We all walked down the steep slope to the water level and some guides told us the mythical version of how the lake had been created. I didn’t quite catch the whole story, but I managed to piece together that there was a woman who came across this village on a hill where she knocked on the doors of the houses in search for some water. After a series of events, she leaves the village and, on her way, out, heavy rain fell over the village, so much so that it sank the hill and caused the lake to form in its place.

The lake itself was very intriguing… apparently the depth of the lake is unknown. No fish or animals actually inhabit the lake either. Only the flamingos come to feed on the algae, and some other birds which visit too.

We drove around the lake and then travelled back to the hotel. On the way back, we stopped off at Homa Bay, were we walked around and had our first proper visit to Lake Victoria. We also picked up some sugar cane on the way back to try!

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