21st – Thimlich Ohinga Historic Site

We drove for around 2 and a half hours to get to this historic archaeological site, but I was excited to learn about some of the history of Kenya. The first part of the journey was on a tarmac road, but a large portion of the drive was on a winding dirt track with huge potholes dotted around that took some impressive driving to get through. I’m surprised the minivan even made it the whole way there!

We made it to the site and had an amazing packed lunch, provided to us by the University of Rongo, it consisted samosas, fried bread, boiled eggs, and mandazi (a sweet fried bread). Unfortunately, I think the heat had got to me that day, and I started getting spells of nausea and dizziness, which meant I couldn’t take part in the tour as it involved a 40-minute walk in direct sun.

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