Thursday 25/2018.


Yes!!! Today I will begin my blog on a low note. Have you ever boarded a vehicle to a place you do not know but you know there’s a task you have to do over there? That was the case with me and a few others today. The day started well as we assembled in the resource center after breakfast for equipment set up and collection. Peter emphasized on time keeping and strict adherence to our main objective.

We arrived at Cham Gi Wadu shopping centre at around 10:45 am, picked up Madam Jane (one of the community project steers) among other community members. It was at this point that I realized we were heading to Osiata Church to meet the church members. When we got there, there was nobody around but the word of Wazungu being around spread all over and we had several members turn up with higher expectations as their faces could indicate.

We had our work done in our respective groups with a lot of ease since there wasn’t much to cover. With the help of Angelica or my expert as I call her, we captured the establishment shots with a lot of keen as we didn’t want to experience lots of difficulties when editing as we faced yesterday. In about an hour we were done and we had to rush to the bus for our journey of Leng’o Secondary School after being informed that the road we were to use was muddy and impassable in case it rained while at the place.

We left the bus about 2 kilometers away and walked towards the school. Mr. Mark Ouma, our interpreter joked that we were to walk for 11 kilometers, a statement that was harshly received by members on the bus. Some came to agree with him after our experience of climbing the hill to the school. I must say that Leng’o Secondary students are all physically fit judging from the hard time most of us underwent to reach the School gate. I had to come help Halima’s reach our destination as Geoffrey Kioko looked exited on seeing our helpless Hafsah running low on gas.

Our final place was Cham Gi Wadu market. Since it was a market day, we had to take some footages on the business activities that would help in our Community Asset Mapping. We however experienced one major challenge at the beginning as most of the businessmen and women didn’t want us to record nor take pictures of their operations unless we gave them some appreciations in terms of cash. Despite all that, Fiona Maswai, Halima Roba and Aron managed to hold interviews with men and women at the market. We later headed back to school and be served with our nice refreshments as we reflected on the day’s activities.DSC_0131


Kassim Mohammed.

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