cm4k 22/01/2018


This was our first day to the field, we were to interact with the community members, talk to them and try to find out how they were in need of the community radio station, how it would help them in their daily activities and get some ideas on how we would establish our google map for the community area. After breakfast we all assembled in the media resource center, divided ourselves into three groups namely; video, audio and photography. We were assigned roles to make our work easier and effective in the field. Everyone under the help of Isabel took their equipment and safely packed them for the work ahead. We left the University premises at 11:00 a.m, everyone seemed excited. We boarded the University bus to Chamgiwadu. Some community members joined us along the way. At 12:00 noon we arrived at the Chamgiwadu Divisional Office where we were welcomed by the Sub-Chief David Onyango among other officials together with community members. We got direct to our work ,we started with an interview with the Sub-Chief, he assured us of full support from his side and surely that was a good impression to the project. We also had some interviews with the community members that were done by Angelica and I in brief while others were done by Mercy, Aron, Evelyn under Sam’s assistance. At 13:45 we left the Chief’s office for Kakwara Primary School. Almost everyone looked tired but we had to carry on since the tasks for the day were not yet done. At Kakwara Primary School we weren’t welcomed that well but nevertheless we had to meet our objectives for the day.Found the headmaster in a meeting and we were kind of disturbance to the staff.We took some videos,photographs and some interviews.   At 14:30 pm we set off for Omware Mixed Secondary School, here we were warmly welcomed by the Principal and all the staff that was present, we had interaction with the students, taught them how to operate some of the equipment that we had, they were excited with the session and they asked questions and of course we were excited to share the knowledge we had with them. They had a journalism club that consisted of those who were interested in taking media studies as a career in future. We had comedians too, there was a boy who confidently reported on a match together with one of our university students, Oliver, they did it very well. Having taken videos,photos and conducted some interviews we proceeded to Omware Primary School. Here we were well received, took videos too and photos. Here everyone seemed to be so tired and we got into the bus where we had some refreshments. Then we started our journey back to the university at around 17:00 pm. Reaching the university we assembled at the media resource center where we had a brief meeting with Peter, he appreciated us for the cooperation we had all through the day, Prof. Jerry also explained to us the reasons why he was not able to join us after which everyone relaxed as we waited for dinner.

It was a lovely day for each and everyone of us, we got to learn and enjoy different experiences. This was really a lovely day to begin with in the field.

May Kimeu

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