Day 10

I went to bed too early last night about 9:30pm which meant that I woke up at 4am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. I’ve slept really well since being here I’ve found the bed comfortable and the pillows and blankets soft. I know other people have struggled, all our rooms are very different. St Clare was a good choice even if I did choose it because it’s my mums name haha. Last night I just couldn’t get comfortable after waking up. My body is feeling very physically drained and my brain is sluggish and tired I’ve been trying to stimulate it by listening to some of the old music I found on my iPod but I think its just one of those days where I’m going to be a bit low. Its been raining today; big heavy droplets, nothing like the storms I saw in Ghana but still exciting to see. I say that like we don’t have rain in England but it so different here, mainly because I don’t mind it as the weathers still warm and it cools my skin down.

Breakfast was eggs again! I had a bowl of Weetabix too (I must remember to buy some when I get back to Brighton) partnered with my hot chocolate sachet of dhioralyte and malarone tablet. I went to put my sunnys on but realised they had snapped in half (not a great start). If I’m honest I’m feeling quite antisocial today I just want to be by myself so I’ve kept my headphones in most of today when we’ve not been doing fieldwork. Its interesting to take a step back and just watch how everyone interacts with one another. The two university groups have noticeably become more connected with one another and we’ve formed one big group instead. I also finished my book, I just couldn’t help myself! so I need to find another book that I can steal off someone to read.

I did my usual work of documenting the process and the other guys in action throughout the day. First place we went to was the Osaha Seventh Day Adventist Church. We interviewed the elders, in particular the third elder Pamela. She told us that the church had 70 members who were from all 6 neighbouring communities Hollo A, Hollo B, Central, Mlimani, Town A and Wang Cheng. The church itself was established in 1982 and runs a popular Saturday Service and Health Programme.

Secondly, we went to Lango Arek Mixed Secondary School. We were greeted by Onyore Caivince the Biology and Chemistry teacher. He told us they had 120 students but were expecting more as the school was only founded in 2009 so its still relatively new. They have 10 teachers, 3 of which are government employees he also told us the headmaster was called Vincent Okinyl.

The last place we visited was Cham gi Wadu Market. It was a lot busier than it had been when we went the first time they sell most things that a market sells including fish, fresh fruit and clothes and fabrics. They also have a cattle market so the place was very busy and noisy. Members of the community approached me and asked me to take their photographs. I was by myself at this point so decided it would be a good opportunity to get more involved in the action. The butcher was excited to have his picture taken in his shop. He called all his friends over and soon I was taking candid shot of them all outside there hangout, a shoe shop. Just as I was showing the butcher the image on the screen of the picture I had just taken I was stung by an African Bee.

I like to think I have a good pain threshold as I have lots of piercings and tattoos but this was up there on the pain scale with them. The sting itself was like being jabbed with a needle and the pain afterwards was a slow throbbing like a heartbeat in the top of my arm. Funnily it stung me just where you would get an injection. I tried to pick the bee off carefully so that I didn’t kill it but his stinger was firmly wedged in my arm and his little guts fell out as I pulled it off. I felt bad that I knew it would die but I couldn’t help it. Peter pulled the sting out of my arm for me and Mercy checked it on the bus to make sure none of it had broken off in my arm.

I know I’m almost 22 but I think I deserve one of those well-done stickers you get from the dentist when your little for being brave!

P(oo).S Everything is still okay down there I’m starting to get worried that I’m pushing my luck and my time is sure to come soon.

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