25.01.2018 – Luca

Today we woke up at our usual time and hopped on the bus to the University, I think we’ve all perfected our little morning routine now, up and out at 8:45am, though not always on the dot… Haha. As always, breakfast was amazing. I think breakfast has easily become my most favourite meal of the day, though I am not sure I will keep it up back in England as I’m certainly not as good of a chef! After breakfast, we joined the rest of our CM4K partners in class, and soon set off for our third day of fieldwork. Like the second, all went smoothly. We visited three places today, which I have listed below:

Osatia Seventh Day Adventist Church: Osatia S.D.A Church was founded in 1982, and holds a service every Saturday. There are currently 70 members of the Church, and 6 neighbouring communities attend service: Hollo A, Hollo B, Central, Mlimani, Town A, and Wang Chieng.

Unlike before where we’d driven exactly to the location, we walked some of the way to the church today. Just outside of the church entrance there was an avocado tree, I so badly wanted to climb it and pick some fresh, ripe avocados. They looked delicious, but I resisted, haha. After we gathered our content, we headed back to the bus to travel to our second location.

Lang’o Arek Mixed Secondary School: Lang’o Arek Mixed Secondary School project was founded in 2008. The school currently hosts 120 students, and 10 teachers, 3 of those being government employees.

Once again like the previous location, again we had to walk part way – although this walk wasn’t as relaxing as the first! It was up a ginormous hill! I am quite used to hills, as Brighton is probably one of the hilliest places I’ve ever lived, but I’ve had a few weeks off from walking up hills so my legs were unprepared. However, when we reached the top there was the most beautiful view of landscapes stretching to the sky! We all took a moment to catch our break, and admire the view. 😊


Cham gi Wadu Market: The Cham gi Wadu Open Market takes place every week at the Cham gi Wadu Shopping Centre. Traders of different communities come together to share their wares, selling items such as: fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, fabrics, clothes, shoes, animals (cattle, poultry) and various amenities. The market attracts both Luo and Kisi communities, as in the Luo’s language, ‘Cham gi Wadu’ means ‘share with your neighbour’.

We had to return to the shopping centre as the shots we originally took on Monday looked too derelict. We thought that on market day, it’d be busier and represent the community better, so we returned to retake the photo on market day. It was also a great experience to see the market first hand, though unfortunately it started to rain so we had to speed back to the bus.


Once we arrived back at the university, we started to edit our content. If I am being truthful, I am worried that we do not have enough editing time. I am not so worried about myself and the photography group, but video and audio are incredibly time consuming – and though we have editing time when we arrive back from the locations, everyone is feeling very tired and it can be difficult to focus. I shall bring this up with Peter when I get the chance, and see what he suggests. I do not want quality to be compromised, but with the time constraints I’m worried it might be. For now though, we’re off for some dinner! I hope everyone has a wonderful evening, talk soon!

Luca. 😊

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