A trek and a half…

Today we did a little bit of walking to reach the destinations of our locations. I was so thankful for them as we are usually going on the bus to the locations, get off and back on once all you’ve done is and onto your next destination. I t was nice walking through the paths and seeing the goats and cows and I was thankful to just explore.

We visited Lang’o Are Mixed Secondary School. Reaching this school was a task as we had to climb up a steep hill but thank god I had trainers on I raced up that hill. I quickly regretted it as I had to wait for about 10 mins to catch my breath when I reached the top of the hill. I don’t know how the students do it every day but it certainly made me miss the bus dropping us right at our location. The school is on top of a hill so capturing a lot of establishing shot was beautiful, however I like to avoid taking panoramic shot of just trees and scenery as it makes it boring when you put it together in a final video. The school didn’t have much there so I improvised and focussed on the students getting their lunch and their day to day lunch duties. It was amazing.

We also visited Osatia church which was in the middle of nowhere it seemed. The church on the inside had a lot to capture however, for a church it had very little and I fully appreciated the job we are doing for this community as it urged me to want more for their church and the community members were ever so proud of their church and it was nice talking to them and knowing how much our radio station will benefit them.

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