Day 9

We bought some drinks from treat house again last night as we knew we didn’t have fieldwork today so we could stay up a bit later than usual. We all joined together on the veranda to chat and wind down, Sam brought out a book his dad had bought for him called The White Masai (Corrine Hoffman). I don’t think his dad realised that its written a bit like an erotic novel. We amused ourselves for a good half a hour reading passages from the book and joking about if we would have the some experience when we visit the Masai Mara, even Pete joined in saying he was secretly the character Marco. After a few more drinks we decided to bring over some of our British culture to Rongo and do a Pub Quiz. I used the questions again from the one that I did to raise money for CM4K back in October. at some point during this someone mentioned that it would be a good idea to crack open the Kenyan Cane again. About 11:30pm and a dozen or so drinks later we all stumbled off to our rooms to finally hit the sack.

Everyone looked a bit worse for wear today. I felt quite bad as I was quite perky and had a good night’s sleep. Angel and Hafsah had both been ill in the night and Sam Luca and Peter all had stomach cramps. Everyone seems to think that it was a combination of the lunch from yesterday mixed with the alcohol from last night however I still stand by the fact that it’s the meat (trying to convert everyone to vegetarianism) I’m the only one not poorly and the only one who doesn’t eat meat.

Hafsa was too poorly to come to uni so we left her behind at the Pastoral Centre. Breakfast was scrambled egg! I was so happy as it was absolutely delicious! We then went up to the classroom to get on with our individual work. It was an intense day of writing and researching for myself but they had tea, coffee and hot chocolate to keep us going. After lunch I met with peter to discuss what I needed to do with the rest of my time on the project and what would be useful for my dissertation. I have already started collecting emails of people that will be important to contact for opinions and quotes.

Luca went home at lunch, were all dropping like flies! After lunch was much of the same work wise. We had an early dinner at 5 most people barely touched their food and then we returned to the pastoral centre (with small plates for Luca and Hafsa). It was only 6pm by the time we got back but everyone retired to their rooms straight away. I read a good chunk of Flowers for Algernon (Daniel Keyes) I only have about 30 pages left but I want to delay finish reading it for as long as possible but its such a good book! I then started watching Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) I think I got about an hour into it and then fell asleep. I’ve watched a few different films since being here including Moana (2016), Ratatouille (2007) and Dr Strange (2016).

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