Day 8 Editing day

So far our editing time has been hit by unforeseen or unpreventable circumstances. Monday, as reported in a previous post, saw our editing time gobbled up by cultural protocols and additional visits organised for us. Today (Wednesday) introduced us to 2 additional challenges. The first came in the form of sickness & stomach cramps. Hafsah was too poorly to travel to Uni; Luca did but returned to the Pastoral Centre at lunchtime. Angelica was sick all night but had seemed to recover somewhat; Sam had had severe stomach cramps during the night and as I left my room to join the other to travel to the Uni I became aware of the first signs of cramps.

I suspect there were at least 2 causes for these ailments. Monday’s over exposure to the heat and sun together with an albeit shorter exposure on Tuesday as well as the packed snacks, which comprised mandazis , various cakes and vegetable samozas (with green lentils) all wrapped up in little plastic bags and left to cultivate various things on the big old, hot, metal bus. Although more used to the conditions and snacks even one or two of the Kenyans were feeling a tad under the weather. The end result of this was that editing day had not only less participants but also had less energy and enthusiasm – despite the efforts clearly being made. Editing did take place but we were again behind our intended schedule.

To be honest there is little more to say about this day. Those of us who stayed struggled on but while the others seems to be improving as the day drew to its close I was weakening rapidly. I suspect because I am now a little more used to the heat than the others and didn’t take lunch. However, there was that mini samosa I was offered later in the afternoon, which I was really regretting. To be frank I just wanted to get home and lie down. When I am poorly all I want to do is get away from everyone and make my recovery. By the time the evening meal came around, where I took a small bowl of plain rice, I was really ready to leave. It seemed to go on for a lifetime and the laughter and conversations of the young folk, which I normally enjoy, was beginning to grate as I felt more and more drained.

There was a huge downpour, so our departure from campus was delayed. By the time we finally arrived at the Pastoral Centre I was really needing to be on my own. I heard someone (no idea who) ask Hafsah and Luca how they were. This was met with a response in the positive (ish). This was good enough for me. I entered my room, locked the door and laid down on my bed. Tomorrow is another day!

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