Cm4K THURSDAY 25/01/2018


We assembled at the media resource center at 10:30am and we got our equipment after breakfast. Some bottles of water were taken to the university’s bus for our own use. Boarding the university bus we set off for Osatia S.D.A (seventh day Adventists) Church. Getting to Chamgiwadu Shopping center we were joined by community members then went on with our journey. After a while, we got to a point where our vehicle could not move anymore and there we had to walk to the church, the walking was enjoyable. We got to the church where we found some members .Assuming to our roles we begun our work. Those who were taking photos went ahead with their work, those filming did the same thing while those doing interviews got to it. The community members were very happy to host us. Having done everything that we had planned to do we headed back to the vehicle. Reaching at the university bus we set off to Lang’o Arek Mixed Secondary School.


The place is so interior that we were forced to walk  for a distance up to the school. Going up the hill was not an easy task, with people sweating, complaining, others being assisted to go up the hill we finally got to the school. Reaching there some of our members had to rest for a while as they seemed so tired. The students were having their lunch and as for us we had to resume our roles once again. This took place very fast after which we started our walk back to the bus. Boarding the bus we set off for Chamgiwadu Shopping center again, this was a market day and we found them doing their general activities that they usually do during market day. They were selling and buying as usual though the clouds were threatening to pull out rain. The business people were wrapping up their products so fast that we could hardly carry out our roles efficiently and effectively, but all in all we had to carry out our roles and collect the required information.


Having successfully accomplished our tasks we now started our journey back to the university, but the day was not good for Katie who got stung by a bee. We came back to the university where we had some refreshments and snacks too. Then we got to our work of editing as we waited for dinner.

May Kimeu.

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