It’s finally Thursday, yeeey…LOL!!!!

After the activity that took place yesterday, running up and down playing the games my body was aching like crazy. I woke up feeling like losing the will to live, that’s how bad I was feeling though I had fun playing the games. So I woke up at around 7.00am prepared myself slowly the came to school where we always meet. I had breakfast which was very healthy and delicious shout out to mercy and her colleagues for making the best dishes for us. Truly appreciated.

At exactly 10.00am we assembled at the media resource center best known as (MRC) where Peter was to give a lecture on community radio. He gave a talk on tools to promote peace, culture, democracy and development in depth.  In the middle of the talk Peter told us to divide ourselves into three groups which we did, he gave us questions to discuss then present later. He mentioned something very important that,” from now hence forth we should forget that we are Rongo students and Brighton students”. We should work as one group aiming to achieve the same goal. That really made everything comfortable and it also gave us the opportunity to listen to what each one of us had to offer.

At around 2.00pm we went for lunch and again we had a very delicious meal. There were fresh fruits to finish the meal with which was very tasty. After that we relaxed a bit then came back for the second lecture. Which went on until around 5.00pm is when we finished. As we were waiting for dinner to be prepared we started talking to one another and catching up some were on their phones others were taking photos .At around 6,00pm dinner was served we enjoyed our chapattis and many other mouthwatering  meals. All thanks to mercy and her crew once again. After dinner we went to our hostels.

That’s all for today as always thanks for passing by my blog, see you on the next blog.


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