Wednesday-editting and reflecting

After spending Tuesday night drinking Kenyan Cane, I was woken up at 2.30am with a desperate need to be sick. By 8am Wednesday morning I woke up ready to take on the day with the memories of a rough Tuesday night left behind me, I was surprisingly in good spirit as though I hadn’t suffered the night before.

It was scheduled that Wednesday would be a day we spent editing all the footage we had gathered from Monday and Tuesdays fieldwork, which by this day all groups had a lot of work to put together. The day began as usual with us heading for breakfast and after that soaking up the sun before heading to the classroom. It was a slow process for me to start editing my work as I had blogs to catch up on and to try and upload, however the internet was not on my side that whole day.

With lots of footage to edit, Sam took all footages recorded on Monday from our first day at Cham gi Wadu and began editing them. I began editing footage from Tuesdays field work which consisted of the footages Kassim filmed of the Cham gi Wadu Divisional Office and its surrounding areas. Editing establishing shots isn’t a difficult task for me however once I had chosen the footages I had wanted to use, i found it difficult to use some of the footages as some of it seemed as though the camera operator was playing with camera, rather than taking a serious filming. Due to this I had to pick and chose precise shots which weren’t good enough to feature in the final video, through all the random zoom ins and outs and shaking.

I talked with the camera operator and asked him if he realised he was just playing with the camera which he had agreed he was as he didn’t know how to operate it and therefore had played with it whilst recording and didn’t capture serious shots. He was very honest in that he didn’t get shown how to use the camera, until we had moved to our second location, Kakwara Primary School, which I was asked by some members of the Cham gi Wadu to show them how to use the camera and I went through all the necessary in the process of gathering establishing shots. That was the moment he had learnt how to use the camera. This was unfortunate as he had potential to capture a large variety of shots rather than just 2 buildings. I also discussed with him that I could see what he was trying to capture in the videos, but he hadn’t picked up the tripod and physically place the camera in front of the building sign, however the camera in one location at all times and zoomed in and out therefore he didn’t have a variety of shots and scenery.

Using what I had I began pulling clips and creating a story with the shots suitable for the final edit. With Mae and Kassim beside me wanting to learn about iMovies the software I was using to edit the footages, I began explaining to them each step I was doing and why and Kassim told me he uses PremierPro which I would have preferred to use for editing but unfortunately I didn’t have access to it on my laptop so had to make do with what I had. It was nice to see they were both very eager to learn and I gave them both the opportunities to use IMovie and begin editing with me. I found it was much easier to edit on my own as I knew how I wanted all footages edited which I had ideas from the day of filming, and it was a quicker process as I knew how to use the software.

I did struggle to edit the footages from Cham gi Wadu as the shots provided were not a large variety and it was all the same with just 3 shots to use. After a long time of editing it and not denying I getting frustrated I moved onto edit all the shots from Kakwara Primary School. Putting the shots together was much easier for this as I was assigned to help Kassim with the filming go these establishing shots, therefore I would place the camera in different locations, say what shots I think would work best and what should be captured. Due to this we had a large variety of shots and scenery and during filming each footage I knew exactly what I had wanted to use in the final edit and how I wanted them edited.

Editing Kakwara Primary School was a much easier process and it was completed in just over an hour and it was saved and exported to Peter in the same day. I chose not to share the establishing shots at Cham gi Wadu as I wasn’t happy with what I had and felt it needed lots more work and needed more of my attention.

Over all, this day was needed because it avoided us having mountains of footage to edit at the end of the week especially ad it would be done by only one person, editing needed to be done in stages.

One comment on “Wednesday-editting and reflecting

  1. It’s good if the camera operator agreed and promised to put in more seriousness in the future operations to make your work easier, haha! good job anyway.

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