Second day out

After Monday being our first day out in the community, we spent that night discussing with Peter what we thought worked and didn’t work whilst in our groups. Come Tuesday it was nice to see all we had brought forward was taken in and lots of changes were ready to be made.

Before leaving for the community we got together in our individual groups to discuss new changes. My group and i went outside and sat on the grass and discussed new job changes, we felt it was best I worked with Kassim and Mae in gathering establishing shots and vignettes of the new locations we were going to. I was more than happy to work with them two as they were always willing to learn and our production process I knew would be a breeze. Sam too the time to teach the group who gather the interviews the proper way on how to use the boom mic as he had discovered when not accompanied by him they connect it wrong, therefore he went over with them on how to use it and switched the job roles between them; Eve was given the role of camera operator whereas Aron felt he wanted to hold the boom mic and Anne was given the device to monitor the sound which comes through the boom mic during interviews. I had a little fear the little meeting might seem like we were pointing fingers and others will get offended we had a discussion about them, but it wasn’t the case and everyone was on board with the change and on to improve and make jobs clearer and work faster than we all day on Monday.

Our first visit was to Ongo Health Centre which was a pleasant place to be and film in. Taking control of my group I gave them directions on what we should film and they gave advice back to me on establishing shots which should be gathered. Through out the entire filming at this location we worked faster and smoothly and there was no confusion with job roles like the day before. My group and I was left alone to gather our shots without the potential of others walking across the shot. Although I knew exactly what shots I wanted gathered I stepped back and allowed Mae and Kassim to take the camera to locations they felt was best and film their chosen shots, and when we needed each others helps and advice we were all on hand to give it.

Our last location we visited was the Kitere Primary School which is located next door to Rongo University. As soon as we entered the school we were greeted with a familiar face of the Chief who was more than happy to see our faces again. He introduced us to the school and the community members gathered for a meeting. Filming this introduction he wanted us Brighton students to introduce ourselves to the community members which wasn’t nerving but more of a surprise for me as I like to stay behind the camera and talking to people individually most of the time.

Going off with my group we started to gather our establishing shots, being as the school had more land space than buildings, I made the recording of the footages very niche as I didn’t want lots of footage of trees, land and seeing as a lot of us students were outside, I didn’t want to capture them into our footages, so I focussed on the school buildings.

Overall, I enjoyed this day a lot more than Monday because there was structure within the groups, and we all worked fast to get all we needed and to get back to the uni. 26238826_308524679668384_2716574462187228884_n

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