Beautiful right? I agree. This was the second day where basically we were supposed to get to know each other well. Which we did we played some games so as to break the ice and know each other well. In this session we really had a lot of fun we really got to know a lot about each other. I just can’t explain the feeling that we experienced because its priceless having people from different places coming together and getting to know each other plus working with one another is a very good thing. Shout out to all my October babies (Hafsah) you guys are the bomb Lol.


So the games we played were bulldogs which the students from Brighton taught us it was fun we were all running around like crazy kids, for those who were the wolf were strategizing on how to  get the others. I’ll show u a picture that will help you understand what am talking about.


After the games we rested for a while then went for dinner later on everyone went to their hostels.

Thanks for passing by as always see you on my next blog.

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