Being my favorite day of the week as usual I woke up early, dressed in my Friday prayer’s attire ready for the day. Today’s meeting was meant to start at 11:00 am after the arrival of the Cham Gi Wadu community members, it however kicked off slightly after 11 with the lecture from Peter. My concentration was too low as I was eagerly waiting for CM4K2017 video that was produced by Sam.

Yes, my time came and Peter played the video, it was amazing and more so  interesting to see how a two weeks exercise was compressed to a 16 minutes documentary; Big up Sam! The Community members were asked to shed some light on their meetings they held back in the village with other members, the main concern raised was why the project is taking too long to kick off. Peter reassured them how the action plan is still on course. This proved how eager the community members are waiting for the radio station.

The main topic of the lecture revolved around mapping for community radio at Cham Gi Wadu. Mobile phones were to be used to create narratives on google about resourceful places, it was however interesting to find out that as much as I didn’t have a smartphone during the session, one of the members had one without a battery. We were split in three different groups including the community members to discuss several questions. The first session of today’s lecture ended at around 2 pm. We broke for lunch and resumed at 3 pm. We didn’t do much in the afternoon session due to the technical inch we experienced; phones could not connect to the geo-code on google maps.

Shoutout to Angelica Bozene, almost threw my laptop away for showing her a snake picture. It was funny to see how frightened she is to snakes even by their pictures. I realized that in some way I had scared her but as friends all was sorted out immediately and everything got back to normal.



By Kassim Mohammed

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