CM4K Monday 22/2018:

We embarked on a journey towards Cham Gi Wadu divisional headquarters at around 11:00 am to commence our task of community asset mapping for the radio station. The whole trip was awesome with the kind of jokes cracked by the CM4K members in the bus including the marriage bonding between Sam and Fiona; I wander if the two can make a wonderful couple.

At around 11:30 am, we were at Cham Gi Wadu chief’s camp. We were warmly welcomed by the area chief Mr. David Otieno. Though everything wasn’t clear in our minds of what we had to do over there despite having been exhaustively lectured and put in three different groups by Peter Day at school, we tried still under his directions and instructions. The chief assured us of safety in his area and more so offered to walk with us for the rest of the day. In our interviews with David, he expressed his desire to see a radio station at his area that will greatly help in effecting his administrative duties. We were joined by several community members including Mrs. Jane and everything was really amazing.

The next place in our schedule was Kakwara Primary School. We arrived there some minutes to 2 pm. As the interviews went on with the school administration, I took establishment shots of the place alongside Angelica Bozene. Hafsa and Katty on the other side had their moment of fun with the lower Primary kids who opted to forego their lunch just to mingle with the Muzungus who were around. After the long session of conversations with the school fraternity, we boarded our bus to a different location with oriti (Bye) sounding from everyone’s mouth.

We headed to Omware Secondary School as we quenched our thirsts with sodas and afya drinks. Peter Day could take a second to recall that we had visited the place last year when we met the Kopala Water Spring group. We gallantly walked into the school with a warm welcome from the security officer at the gate. After a short period of consultation, a different program was introduced. We had to talk to the Journalism Club members at the school and show them the operations of our equipment. It was a wonderful interactive session that lasted for an hour with the exchange of views and ideas in small groups of CM4K members and Omware students.

The Omware Secondary School session ended in a style with Oliver Kalawai meeting the challenge from the sports journalist student Paul Odhiambo to commentate football of an imaginable thrilling match of Chelsea playing against Manchester United. Of course Manchester United could not be defeated and the match ended in a 1-1 draw. What a wonderful show it was!

The journey headed back to the University where the whole day documentation was backed up by Mrs. Isabelle Zattu as we eagerly waited for supper.


By Kassim Mohammed.

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