Well heeeey!!!

Well well  guys this is actually my first time writing a blog so don’t mind the crazy things u will get to see….hahaha just joking. So my day started off well at around 7.00am in the morning is when I woke up and attended some few classes until around 12.00pm in the afternoon then at around 2.00pm we started our 4hr journey to Kisumu. Together with our Dean Prof Jerry Agallo, Eve, mercy and Charlotte. Since this was my first time traveling to Kisumu I was eager to see all the good things I have heard from my friends. I ended up seeing a lot of good stuff people selling fruits along the way working hard to put meals on their table without having to disturb their neighbours. Honestly I really loved the experience that I had. At around 5pm we arrived at Kisumu international airport, we headed straight to the waiting area where we sat for an hour waiting for our Brighton visitors who were arriving at 6 pm . They landed safely we went to them and said hi got to learn their names and welcomed them to Kenya and Africa at large. This being their first time to come to Kenya I was anticipating to see how they will behave for the next two weeks.

My first impression about them was that they were really friendly and down to earth, immediately they started talking I just knew they were real and I could work with them comfortably. I made new friends instantly, I know it sounds crazy but I did. Angelica, Hafsa, Luca, Katy and Sam. It is really a good thing when you have an understanding with people you work with because the experience becomes fun and you end up having a lot of good moments while working at the same time. So after getting to know each other we got into the van and drove off back to Rongo University. Since they were exhausted because of the long journey they had dinner and later on they were taken to their rooms to get some rest until the next day.

Thanks for passing by my blog see you on my next post.



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