Day 9 – Saturday 28th 

On our final Saturday and our last day in Migori County we had a late start and got to relax by the pool for the morning before heading out on a Lake Victoria boat trip in the afternoon. We took our packed lunch us and headed off. It was another very hot day and my stomach was feeling the effects of the malarone, the remnants of the sugar or something unknown. I can only stomach toast, rice and bananas at the moment but it’s keeping me going. 

Okay so this boat trip. We’re definitely getting an authentic experience. It’s a rickety looking long boat with car seats for seating. They’re not exactly bolted into the boat either which adds to the ricketiness. But we set off into Lake Victoria and it is gorgeous. We’re halfway in and I notice the man who was sunning himself at the front of the boat come down my end with a bucket. And…. He starts scooping water out of the bottom of the boat. Water that had risen a bit while we sailed off from the dock. Luckily I was used to the Kenyan way of life at this stage and just went with the flow, pardon the pun. If the boat were to sink, well, I had my life jacket and would accept a bad bout of something similar to food poisoning as my fate. We didn’t sink though and made it back to shore, loaded ourselves back into the bus and got back to the hotel for dinner and a couple rounds of cards. Tomorrow we were off as early as possible as the earlier we left, the more time we would get on safari!!! How exciting. 

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