Day 10 – Sunday 29th 

IT’S SAFARI DAY! I am absolutely buzzing with excitement. Off we set to Narok to meet Rufus, who was our guide and would take us to see some of the most amazing animals in the wild. After a lot of driving and some lunch in a nearby rest stop myself and Joakim squished into the back on a Land Cruiser with Peter, Flo and Jerry in toe. On the way in I got my first glimpse of some wildlife in the form of zebras grazing together under the shade of a tree. We got to the gates and were HOUNDED by some Masai women selling souvenirs, some of which I will look to buy on my way back out. It was all great fun. It didn’t take us long to spot more wildlife once we were through. Too many to name but let me tell you I shouted when I got my first glimpse of a giraffe and at that point, I had no idea how close I was about to get to one. Watching the sun go down over the Masai Mara was incredible and it will definitely go down as one of the best days of my life. Off to sleep in my tent. I hope I don’t get eaten by a hyena. 

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