Day 8 – Friday 27th Exhibition Day

It’s exhibition day!! The batteries for the cameras and audio equipment are charged, we’ve made sure to have a big breakfast today so that we have the energy. We’re meant to pick up a few of the community members and students from the secondary schools that will be performing at the exhibition along the way. This thing is meant to start on time at 10 but I highly doubt that (I’m typing this with a smile on my face) because Kenyan “on time” and my “on time” are very different. I’ll report back later once the day is finished.

Wow, what a day. The kids were so brave, so amazing and talented. We got some great footage of them performing their pieces on modern day slavery in partnership with CM4K. There were loads of parents, politicians and members of the community who came to watch and listen. One message in the children’s performance was troubling though and was quite tough to watch. They were advising girls against abortions and in the performance the girl who had an abortion due to a teen pregnancy, died as a result. So the message we got from that was you will die if you get an abortion which if it is done unsafely can be the case. When Peter got up to speak at the end he mentioned safe abortion and how changing the mindset around this might be something to look at. I noticed a few people walk out. This might start a conversation and we are by no means here to tell people how to live their lives but by suggesting it then maybe this will empower those who do agree with safe abortion to speak about it and lobby for change. This is also the reason for the community radio station and why it is so important. 

Some more beautiful children came up to us today and told us how we were more beautiful than them again today. I have to admit this did bring me to tears when I walked away. But before doing that I made them promise that they would tell themselves that they were beautiful every day. I didn’t know what else to say and I couldn’t bear them having this belief from quite literally the start of their lives. I’m not trying to save anyone and I know that the issue needs to be combatted in a much bigger and different way but I hope it does change and they believe that they are beautiful and they don’t need to compare themselves to anyone. 

It was time to say goodbye to the University of Rongo student after a fun, informative and collaborative week. It was lovely getting to know some of them and I wish them all the success and happiness. We said goodbye to the amazing staff that fed us for almost 2 weeks. Their labour of love every day was always much appreciated and they really kept us going. And that was it. On to the bus back to the hotel and on to one of the last legs of our trip. 

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