Day 5 – Cham Gi Wadu

Today felt very productive. Rachel, Joakim and I spent an hour or so setting up the cameras and audio, making sure the two connected. We then travelled by coach to Cham Gi Wadu, to meet the community this all revolves around! From a large, empty, echoy room, we set up chairs and a table in a way that would work with the camera shots. We filmed the panel of women at the front from one camera, and from the other we filmed a closer shot of the panel, and another of the audience. We recorded the audio through a zoom and a handheld, wireless microphone. The talk itself was powerful. Despite having heard about the issues back in Brighton, it was eye-opening and hit harder, hearing it from the community themselves. The three female social workers spoke of child pregnancies, child marriages and FGM within the community, and how the radio would help open up the discussion on such topics. The most hitting point was about education, their words being, “we do not know our rights.” This is what the radio will spread awareness of, alongside sharing knowledge on farming crops of higher yields etc. It was enriching to meet some of the community and I’m looking forward to meeting more members tomorrow! We stopped off at a supermarket on the way back to the hotel and played cards and werewolves at our usual table. A couple of us are getting ill – thought to be the price of the sugar cane!

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