Day 4 – Rongo Uni

Today, we met the Vice Chancellor of Rongo University. Peter told him more about the project and the work we have been contributing towards, the fundraising and the kit bought. The VC was very thankful, making us feel welcome – as everybody here has been. Peter then ran a lecture for us and the Rongo students, discussing allegories and the history of community radio. After this, we divided into teams of videographers, photographers, and audiographers. As part of the videography team, we set up two static cameras at the gates and filmed Joakim and Rachel in an interview style, with two differing camera angles – using the 180° rule. Back at the class, we discussed our findings – that everyone is very equally matched and we were mutually exchanging skills and questions with one another. It was a long day and most went to bed after a delicious dinner including local fish, noodles and vegetables. A couple of us waited up for Rachel’s suitcase – a trip highlight!

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