January 19

The journey here was the craziest I have ever been on. It was nearly 30 hours of straight traveling, from buses to trains to planes. My eyes were burning from lack of sleep and I felt bad even being in everyone’s vicinity because I smelled so bad.

Nairobi Airport

It was worth it though; it feels like I’ve been transported to another planet. The plants, the people, everything is so different. Emily and I literally gasped when we saw our view from our room. Instead of going to sleep, like we had so desperately waiting to do, we went down to the pool to enjoy the sun.

Out the Van Window

We waited 2 hours for soup for lunch and nearly 3 for dinner. I was falling asleep at the table waiting for my curry. We went outside and looked at the stars. You can see them so clearly. It looked like a movie, all of us exhausted but laying on the ground looking up above. I feel so grateful to be traveling with this group of people.

I had the best sleep I can remember – sleeping in a bed after traveling always hits different. So crazy to think a week ago I was home in New York, Brighton in between for a few days, and now I was starting a new adventure in Kenya.

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