Salon day!

I anticipated and waited patiently for this day as it was the day Hafsah and Katie were getting their hair braided. We did our usual routine of going for breakfast which we were met with sausages and as usual the dogs from the campus were our morning conversation and if there would be a sausage left so Luca can feed the dogs.

Mama Isabelle took myself, Hafsah, Katie, Lydia, Fiona and her 2 girls and baby Isaac to the hairdressers. Having all of us girls together cracking jokes and just being away from the boys we could be girls. The braids turned out amazing for Hafsah and Katie, and we gave Katie a new name for the day; Shenice, with 4 mixed raced babies. I loved spending time with the girls as our crazy personalities entertained the hairdressers to distract them from the tedious time they were spending doing hair.

We returned to the Treat House to meet the boys and there we feasted on a meal of chips, omelette, sausage, beef and samosas. Chips was very much needed that day as were all craving a familiar food from home.

Us girls spent the rest of our time seated on the grass doing catwalks we entertained each other until we were in stitches from laughter. Thinking the day couldn’t get more eventful and hilarious, a fight broke out between a married man and his wife, who had discovered her husband was at the Treat House with his girlfriend. This was such a thrilling event for us girls, especially Mama Isabelle who knew the married man and sent me and Halima off to watch the show go down.

The conflict sent us girls in fits of laughter and comparing it to the television show Love & Hip Hop, and what would us girls do in both women’s situation. It definitely got us girls excited for hours as it was hilarious watching how everyone in the resort ran to watch the fight and seeing the crowd from the public gather. Mama Isabelle wanted it captured on her phone to tell her friends, she was very quick to call her friend and update them on the event. And when we returned to campus for dinner she had already told all the women staff in the kitchen who laughed and laughed.

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