Last day in Cham gi Wadu

It was our final day of being out in the community of Cham gi Wadu. Being in the group where we capture establishing shots, our first place of visit was Kanyimach Primary School. Knowing the task in hand I set my group off to gather all vignettes and establishing shots. Visiting schools is always my favourite part of fieldwork, because not only do I have a lot of fun gathering establishing shots but also because the students we visit are always so excited to our presence. It is nice seeing almost everyday what our handwork is going towards and how beneficial our work will be in the future for the people of Cham gi Wadu.

As usual the children surrounded our camera and wanted to be photographed, it’s always nice to see this cooperation from them as it makes the final videos recorded worth it to edit and put together in a final cut. The second place we visited was Kanyimach Mixed Secondary School. Once again here my group and I went off and gathered all the necessary establishing shots we needed. And we visited Kanyimach S.D.A. Church. My favourite place to film was definitely Kogneya Shopping Centre where I got to explore and film the different shops and produces the market offers for the cpmmunity. The was a butcher, hairdressers, shoe repair, shops to buy fizzy drinks, motorbike repair garage. All in all, today was a successful shoot particularly for my group as we collected a lot to make a successful vignette and got our group task completed very quickly. All that is left is to edit what we have gathered from today on Tuesday.

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