Lake Simbi

Today we went to Lake Simbi. The journey was as usual with lots of laughter and picking on one another to distract ourselves from the hot bus we are always travelling in. The journey was about and hour and half and I was greatly anticipating to arrive at Lake Simbi, as I really loved Rusinga Island and couldn’t wait to see another beautiful place in Kenya. On our journey e drove through the political rally which had attracted a large crowd, the reason for this rally was held by the NASA coalition which is headed by Raila Odinga who is an opposition leader, against the Jubilee Party.

It was amazing to see everyones passion for the political rally as they were shouting in the streets to our bus to the Kenyan students who also supported the politician and they were supporting someone who wanted to make a good change for Kenya and its people.

Arriving to Lake Simbi your eyes were met with the most amazing lake, it was large as expected with blue water covering the mass of it. The circumference of the lake was unimaginable and my first thought I had was, theres no way I am walking around that lake as it’ll take days, lool. Funny enough, whilst standing beside the lake I witnessed a woman walk the entire area of the lake and I totally praised her, being she wasn’t a young woman and she walked at a slow pace she waled the entire area. When I asked why she was walking the area, I was told that it was common thing to do. The lady walks the entire edge of Lake Simbi, and once she’s completed the walk she then collects the water and takes it to her church, where they use it for healing purposes.

Whilst seated beside the lake we were told the old myth of Lake Simbi a folk tale told by the people of the area. The tale told us about how the law came to be, the healing purposes of it which many people of the area believe and the environmental facts about the lake. Listening to the tale I did get lost as I didn’t think it made sense and had many potholes within it.

All in all I did enjoy seeing Lake Simbi as it was pretty to look at and I did not dare go near the water regardless of its believed healing purposes. Instead I took in the views and the nice breeze that was in the air. The day was lovely as always and it was nice having all CM4K students present.

Ending the day by removing Halima’s braids was funny as all of us girls took part and made many jokes within the process.

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