Extra editing day

As Luca had mentioned in his blog on Wednesday he was worried the video group weren’t having enough time to edit all videos gathered, especially considering there was only 2 of us editing from our group. I thought this was a nice comment to make from Luca as he was aware of what task we had to had how we had to produce a lot of work quickly for Wednesday next week. Because of this, the fieldwork we were supposed to go on today was pushed back to allow us a day to edit.

This day was more than useful to me as I got a lot of work completed and began new video edits and was able to give Peter all that I had completed as far. This day allowed me to catch up on edits and make any changes that needed to be made. Even though I had a lot to do the day was a drag especially due to how hot it was I became tired and wanted escape outside for some fresh air. Unfortunately, this blog is short but mostly due to my day being spent on editing nothing else happened. But I did appreciate the consideration for editors, if this day wasn’t given I don’t think i’d have gotten as far with editing as I did .

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