My first post – Thoughts about everyone posts

This is my first time contributing to this website. I feel sad that I couldn’t go to Kenya in the end. After reading my course mates posts here, I could tell that everyone is enjoying themselves and gaining plenty of experiences. I also could tell how everyone is working hard towards everything and trying their best to produce the best outcomes!

While reading people’s posts, I gained a better knowledge on our project and Cham gi Wadu as a community. First, I read Luca’s post about communication. Communication is the most important part for every plan to run smoothly and I understand how hard it is to actually maintain a proper communication between each other. But it is good how everything worked out in the end for them! The second one is post made by Community Media 4 Kenya (which I believe it’s Peter). On one of his posts on day 3 where the community arrive, I could tell how supportive the community are regarding building a community radio station. One of the beneficial for a community radio station is to improving a community by sharing knowledge and information both on what they already know and don’t know before.

Furthermore, the idea of assets mapping is really good! With this community will gain better knowledge on their own community. Also, by teaching them it will be beneficial as they could continue what Brighton students left and creates a better and more thorough assets map.

I am excited to see the results of the videos and interviews! Hope all of this make sense. This post is just what I though of everyone works 🙂

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