My Last Blog in Kenya – Luca

Hey everyone, it’s just a short one today – and unlike where I usually say it’ll be short and it isn’t, today I promise it will be. This is mainly because it’s a bitter sweet day, everyone is coming together for our final day, and I want to savour my last few moments here at the University surrounded by all the wonderful people we’ve met.

As I didn’t update yesterday due to poor connection, I shall quickly do that now! We had another edit day, so we spent it in the classroom. I quite a bit of spare time as I do not have as much to edit as the other groups (which I do feel quite guilty about). I ended up working on my assignment for this module and just catching up on work, so all in all it was still quite productive. 🙂

It’s now Wednesday, and as I said our final full day at the University. I am unsure when we will be able to get online again – if at all for the rest of the trip. We have the community coming in today, and we’re going to show them the map and all the content we’ve created for it. I really hope they’re happy with what we’ve done! I feel all in all it could be quite an emotional experience!

After lunch, we’re then off to The Treat House to have some goodbye drinks, I’m really quite sad to say goodbye, especially to my little puppy friend Nancy, my heart is breaking! I’d take her home in a heartbeat if I could, she’d be so loved by everyone I just know it. At least I still have my fond memories, I just hope she will be okay, and that people will be kind to her. We’re up bright and early tomorrow too where we’ll be heading off on our safari after a bright and early breakfast, and then it’ll be back to England on Saturday. I am sure that when I get back and when I’ve caught up on life I’ll do a reflection on my whole trip here, I must remind myself to save some for my assignment though. 😛

But once again, thank you for your time. I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about our experiences here as much as we’ve adored being a part of it all. It’s been phenomenal, and I only hope that one day I’ll be able to visit again. But for now, goodbye, it’s been amazing, life-changing, and I’ve met some friends hopefully for life. I’ll update when I arrive back in chilly old Brighton! Be safe everyone, and take care.

Luca. 🙂

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