Saturday + Sunday – Luca

The 20th was our first official day off, I think some of us felt we hadn’t done enough to warrant a day off just yet, but nevertheless leisure time is always welcomed!

As usual, we started our day early with breakfast, I managed not to do anything embarrassing in the morning, so that’s always a plus isn’t it? Mind you, on Friday night after dinner we were walking in the dark back to the mini-bus, and I was halfway through saying to the girls, “be careful of the rocks” as I then fell over them, haha. As always, I managed a good save though! I had almost forgotten how clumsy I was until I arrived here. Back to our day off, after breakfast I managed to build enough trust with one of the wild dogs at the University to give her a little pet. We have nicknamed her ‘Mama’ because she has had puppies, and every time we call for her, she wags her little tail around. She is honestly the most adorable girl, I’d take her back with me in a heartbeat if only I could, but she enjoys the freedom, and I don’t think she’d like the British cold! Afterwards we got onto a big coach and started our journey towards Rusinga Island Hotel, which is right on Lake Victoria – it was an interesting experience… The ride was just over two hours, and it was so incredibly bumpy. I kept seeing my classmates physically lift off their seats every time we went over a bump, luckily there was a lot of head space so there were no injuries.

Rusinga Island is incredibly beautiful, like something I’d only ever seen in photographs before. I honestly could not describe it with justice. The hotel was enclosed by trees and had a large pier you could walk down, with swing benches and seats overlooking the unbelievable lake (it was SO big)! After a photoshoot to capture the moment, me, Katie, Hafsah, Andres and Zerah started to collect some pretty shells to take home with us as that’s a very touristy thing to do! We then decided we’d like to go on a speedboat around the lake, and none of us managed to fall in. 😛


It was such a boiling hot day that I was tempted enough to go for a swim. I was a little bit nervous as the lake has crocodiles and hippos, but during the daytime they all swim far out and I was assured it was safe! I am here to still tell the tale, so all was well. After the swim, it was time to get back for dinner. I think we were all a bit tired, as we caught 50 winks, with me waking up with embedded bracelet marks all over my face that must’ve stayed there for a least an hour afterwards, haha. We went back to the accommodation after and took Andres back with us for a drink! We played games, drunk some nice Kenyan cane and cider, and then all retired!


Sunday was a lazy day, just as it should be! After breakfast and a quick trip to the Supermarket, I had a tackle at my washing. I ended up bathing myself in the process, but at least my clothes are clean (maybe), haha. I wasn’t hungry for lunch, so whilst mostly everyone left I had a little afternoon nap. I was awoken though by an offer to take a ride to a nearby hotel called The Treat House, which is where I am now writing this! I’m not entirely sure what we’re up to for the rest of the evening, but we shall feedback tomorrow. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

Luca. 🙂

P.S. Yes, I am sunburnt, haha. I have taken every precaution, but I guess this is just the way it will always be. 😛

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