Day 5 & 6


Woke up went for breakfast at the usual time. They had the omelettes again today which are so yummy. They must be really healthy too as they have finely chopped carrot pepper tomato and onion in them. I had my usual Milo hot chocolate, Weetabix and banana from Angels special plate too.

We were joined after breakfast by the Kenyan students to get the big university bus to Rusinga island. Wendy brought along her 4-month-old son Jordi much to our delight. We spent the entire day cooing over him and his chubby cheeks. The journey took about two hours but it was lovely to watch the world go by and seeing people go about their daily lives. Similarly, to when I’ve visited Africa before the animals have free roam of the roads, So weve seen lots of cows, donkeys, goats, dogs and chickens. Rusinga Island resort was beautiful I took hundreds of pictures.

First thing we did was go on the pier. The Kenyan students wanted to take loads of photos so I became a photographer for the first half an hour. I took the opportunity to try the tusker cider in the sun, as was my day off. It was lovely to roam the water’s edge collecting shells and hanging out with a refreshing cold apple cider. Next, we decided to take a short boat ride, the boat took 7 so myself, Angel, Hafsah, Luca, Sam, Andres and Zerah (Isobel’s daughter) hopped on board. Angel and I put life jackets on, I wasn’t taking any chances knowing what their driving is like out there. It was really good fun and for 3000 shillings which is about £25 (so £5 each) it was well worth the money! We got to see the little fishing boats and the locals bathing and washing their clothes on the river’s edge.

When we returned; and I was assured that all the crocodiles and hippopotamus were in the centre of the lake, I went for a swim in the lake with Luca. Much to the disgust of the Kenyan and other Brighton students who thought we were mad! I just couldn’t turn down the chance to say ive swam in Lake Victoria. Sam bought me a beer in return for the one I got him earlier as we sat on the grass and enjoyed the view whilst myself and Luca dried off in the natural heat waiting for the Kenyan student to return from their boat ride.

We then drove back to the university and had dinner. To celebrate a busy and successful few days working on the CM4K project we went to Treat house hotel and bought some beers, ciders and Kenyan Cane. Kenyan Cane is a clear white rum what comes plain or coconut flavoured. Andreas came too which was nice because his been a real welcoming face since we’ve arrived and does a lot for the project. I made him a cider shandy as he doesn’t drink usually, I didn’t want him to wake up with a hangover, and we stayed outside late into the evening playing games and chatting.



Sunday is very much a day of rest in here as it is to some extent in England. We woke up and went for breakfast at the usual time again though and hung out at the university. Everything was a much slower pace today. I appreciated the rest as my body is starting to feel tired and although not sunburn… yet… my skin is tender today. Around 12 we all went shopping in a local supermarket, I didn’t buy anything this time as I’ve been so well fed I still have all my snacks I packed and brought over from England. On returning to the Pastoral centre where we are staying I had an hour’s nap. Everyone then went to university for lunch but I stayed behind. I’ve been eating three big meals a day and it all caught up with me. I’m just so full! So, in the 2 hours they were gone I watched Ratatouille and did my washing. Water, soap and bucket style!

The others returned at 4 to pick myself and Luca up (he stayed behind too). I went with Isabel, Halima and the girls to try and get our hair done but no one had the extensions that we wanted so we went and had a look at the shoe shops instead. Isabel took us to visit her house which was very kind of her. It was great to see someone’s home and get more of an idea of how they live. It wasn’t that different from the flats you get in England. Isabel drove us in her car to treat house to join the boys for a beer and that’s where I’m writing from now.


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