Lazy Sunday…

After a productive Saturday it was good knowing on Sunday it was going to be a chill day for us all after a busy week. We all decided to take the day slow and spend as much of it together as a group and in the sun. We began the day by rising at our usual time of 8am, for me getting up was a slow process as my body was aching and my eyes sore from tiredness. We all met outside in the courtyard and we had all agreed to go to breakfast as normal, which did not disappoint as usual.

The sun was beating down on me hard today and I felt awfully groggy and had a beating headache. Going back to the pastoral we decided to relax for a while and Luca and Sam decided to do their clothes from that week. I decided to go to my room and try and have a nap but my body wouldn’t allow it and instead I was buzzing for the day ahead and I chose to get up and go lounge in the sun and watch the others hilariously washing their clothes by hand and in the process get themselves soaked (Luca) and hang them to dry in the sun on the plastic chairs.

Sitting under the veranda with Sam and Halima having a chat we watched Sam attempt to read his boring book and then run off to his room for ages to wash his clothes. Once all clothes were washed and hanging to dry we all piled back into the van and we headed to the supermarket down the road. The aim of going to the shop was the usual for most of us which was to buy as many snacks as we could and stock up on Fanta pineapple which we don’t get back in England and we discovered we all have an addiction to it. Walking through the shop we picked up the essentials too of soaps and deodorants. We were disappointed to see the ice creams were all tubs of ice cream and nothing in a cone like some Cadbury buttons and we were desperate for something to ease off the heat.

Returning to the van to discard my shopping I noticed Hafsah, Luca and Katie were walking away from the supermarket with Baituk our driver. I jumped on the band wagon to follow them with Halima and Sam as we were told they were going to buy cigarettes and I was just wanting to have a walk and see the rest of the town and the people in the area. We went into a bar and I took a seat as I watched Baituk sway to the rhythm of the song playing and watched the others hasty discuss the cigarette’s and he drinks the bar was containing. Once finished we walked back to the  van and got in and made our way back to the pastoral to relax before dinner.

Back at the pastoral I stayed in my room with Halima and we had a good chat before heading out for lunch. To my pleasant surprise whilst outside in the courtyard Zerah was back and this time Isabelle had brought her other two children, Aamaya and her 8 month old son, Isaac. I was quick to claim them as my new siblings and was quick to throw hugs onto all 3 of them.

Before lunch Luca and Katie chose to stay behind as they were still full from breakfast and couldn’t fit lunch in. Lunch was as weird experience without them both as we had all gotten into our routine of seating and the usual chatter we have at each meal. Before there seats were taken by my new siblings as they wanted to sit with us and it was lovely seeing their eager to be around us more and more. Once lunch was finished we headed back to the pastoral and picked up Katie as us girls were going with Isabelle to buy hair for Hafsah and katie. Whilst the boys or shall I say the ‘lads’ went to the Treat House for drinks.

Being driven by Isabelle in her car was a fun ride as she was being screwed for how beat down her car was by Halima and driving around with her in town with her children in tow, and watching her interact with the locals was comforting like being back home in England, as drove around for her hair salons and places to buy the coloured hair Katie and Hafsah wanted. It was nice to get away from the van and the usual journeys we make as groups, and be with the girls and just have a laugh and do girly things like looking for hair and later shoe shopping with Isabelle. One of the fun part of our journey was going to Isabelle’s house and seeing where she lived and meeting her neighbours and kids in the area. Unfortunately the search for hair wasn’t successful as the colours the girls wanted could not be found anywhere.

Our journey in town came to an end and we returned to the Treat House to the boys and have a few drinks and write our blogs on the day. It was a nice way to finish the day off and photograph the sunset before heading to the university for dinner.

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