The Rest Day

Andres joined us for a drink at the pastoral centre last night. We stopped off at the Treat House first to grab some beer/cider and a bottle of Kenya Cane – I told everyone to try it as I think it’s delicious. When we got back, I showered (the water was on this time), sat outside and cracked open a Tusker whilst waiting for the others to finish showering. Once everyone was out we played a few games with Andres and then everyone tried their Kenya Cane – thankfully they all loved it!


Today has been a proper rest day. I still woke up at 8am, but after breakfast we came back to the pastoral centre and chilled. I continued reading my book, but was distracted when Isabelle brought her children round! Afterwards we went to the local supermarket so people could pick up a few supplies. We then walked down to the local bar so that Luca, Hafsah and Katie could buy some cigarettes, it was very interesting seeing how it differed from the bars that I am used to in Brighton.


We then drove back to the pastoral centre, Luca and I washed a few of our clothes whilst others slept and relaxed. I then went to get some lunch from the university, before the girls went to get their hair done. Luca, Peter and I came to the Treat House to grab a beer and write our blog.


Unfortunately, this blog is rather short, but it has been very soothing to sit back and relax today.


Sam 🙂

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