My Rongo University Chronicles

Day 1 (Meet, Greet and Planning)

Oh, I forgot to say in my blog yesterday, every time I tried to get down to go to sleep on the bus, it just was not happening. The speed bumps on the streets of Kenya are immense. They are so many. The shaky ride didn’t allow me to get down.

Anyway, Today was one of my most tiring days of the trip. I think I was still so exhausted from the long drive to Rongo from Nairobi. I was up at 7am because we had to be up and out the door, waiting for the bus for 8am.

We basically did meet and greet with the students of Rongo, and Jerry gave us a briefing on our task for the week. We got into our various groups and started the planning for the project. I was really chuffed with the students at the Rongo University, as they too were eager to work and get this production under way.


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