Trip to Rongo

I was quite excited for this trio because I absolutely love road trips. We had our final breakfast at the stopover and went to finish up our packing. The bus arrived at about 9:30am, and we were on the road by about 10 minutes to 10. I was already expecting it to be a 7 hour drive like Peter already told us, so I managed to get a really comfortable space on the bus. 20 minutes into the journey of me gazing at the scenery and the buildings, I had already started sleeping, which is so typical of me.

About an hour or so into the trip, we got to a really beautiful area called Rift Valley. We stopped to take some pictures. There were two volcanic mountains there like the lady informed me. As we embarked back on our journey we saw some baboons just casually walking on the road. That was funny for me. And I observed on the way, that a lot of animals just roamed the streets. I must say the scenery on our journey, REALLY BEAUTIFUL. Really just reminded me of Lion King. Lol.

After about another 2 and half hours on the bus, we stopped over for some lunch and a wee. When I got there, I observed a massive bird, and being the scaredy cat I am of thing that fly, Peter was kind enough to be my shield. J. Got to the loo, and it was appalling. No clean water to wash your hands and not water to even flush, and yet at the door they were demanding 20 shillings to keep it clean.

Then we got to the actual restaurant to eat. The customer service was poor and the prices were just inflated for nothing. The food looked like nothing to write home about. They mixed up the orders and were not even apologetic. Oscar and I ordered things on the menu that they didn’t have in stock. Instead of them to tell us they didn’t they just watched us sit there until Isabelle (sweet lady from Rongo university that came to pick us up) had to ask about it. I just was not happy about the whole thing that I was not interested in eating what they had to offer, so Isabelle took Oscar and I to another restaurant on the way and we had a takeaway.

After another loo break, we got to Rongo at about 8:30pm. There were some students present to do meet and greet and we had some dinner, Then Mr Jerry took us to the place we would be staying for the week. We all had a glass of wine and went off to sleep.


IMG_6347 (1)

Baboon, casually on the road to Rongo


Rift Valley.


View from the Rift Valley


The Pilau rice I had on my Journey

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