Day 2 (Luo Community)

Today we travelled to Homabay to watch the Kagan people perform their traditional dances for us. This was part of our task. Mr Jerry had already made it clear that we were not there for entertainment purposes alone, and that we should make sure we get our content for our production.

I wasn’t feeling too great today, as I had come down with a bad sore throat and terrible headaches. I felt bad because I was no use to my group, but being the amazing group they were, they got on with the task at hand, and lent a helping hand where I could.

We watched two dances, the ‘Tero Buru’ dance and the ‘Wedding’ dance. I must say they were both very interesting. The Tero Buru dance represented the chasing away of evil spirits after a male elder in their community dies, and the Wedding dance pretty much speaks for itself. All in all, it was pretty entertaining. I got to dance with the leader of the dance group despite the fact I wasn’t a 100%. Had a great day and got a chance to experience this.



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