Day 4 (Editing Day)

Today was the last day at KU and the Editing day. I was already anticipating all the hard work, and boy was I right. Peter was really helpful with Audacity and making sure I had all the stuff I needed for the editing on the Audacity software. I had never used audacity before, but I was more than eager to learn. Lola assisted me with the basics of the editing tools. We went off to a private room from the other groups, because we needed total silence to really concentrate on the sound.

Lewes was really kind as to lend us his laptop, so we had two devices to work on. Lola and frank worked on one aspect of the recordings (the nutritionists interview) and Noah and I worked on the intro, jingle and music of the show and worked our way through the rest of the interviews. Gosh editing is so not an easy job, it required so much concentration. I found that we needed to really listen into the sound so the production could be perfect.

The day at the university was done, and we still had not finished editing, but we had gone through a fair amount, but Lola and I knew we had so much work to do that evening for the exhibition the next day.

We worked all night till about 2am, Lola and I, I must say make a good team together when it comes to the editing. We finished up, and because we were so tired decided to listen the next morning because the exhibition wasn;t until the afternoon.


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