Day 3 (Recording Day)

The weather was starting to get better, there was some sun in sight. J We got to the uni on time, as planned, but most of the KU students and SEMA students had not arrived and Peter was not pleased about that at all. After about half an hour or some, some of the students started trooping in. My group was there at about !0:30, so we went off to the studio to record. This time, the radio studio was booked and we made sure we brought our equipment.

At the studio we did some sound tests and made ourselves familiar with the recorders. We had 4 parts to our show, so we recorded the first and last part and interviewed the nutritionist before lunch. We were supposed to go into the KM community to record the views of the people, but to my joy, Noah had already done it, so we didn’t need to waste any more time, because we were very pressed for time, the last day, was mainly for editing.

As soon as we were done with lunch we were straight back at the studio. I was really eager to get the work done, and I was really excited and happy working with my team. I loved the energy they had. Everyone really seemed to be interested in the show which was good because that would reflect over the recording.. We wrapped up the record at about 4:30pm, and it was time to go by then.

This evening was real experience for me. I didn’t fancy eating anything at the stopover so I went out with Lola, Ben (our chef at the stopover), and Anthony (the KU student that lives in the stopover). We went to the Capital Mall to get a takeaway. Ben told me it was 5 minutes away, so I thought it was just around the corner. This journey involved crossing the motorway. It was so scary, but I did it. We got to the mall and I was really impressed, It had everything, from a massive supermarket, to several restaurants and bars. It was good. Just ordered my pizza and decided to look around. Got into an alcohol store and got some wine and beers for everyone. I realised that the price of alcohol in Kenya was quite expensive and I was told that was because the government doesn’t encourage it’s citizens to drink.


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