Day 5 (Exhibition and Market Day)

I woke up a bit early today, because Safi had called me from London to tell me that the airline was not letting her and her kids on the flight because their passports were expiring within 6 months, and it is the law not to let them travel out if your passport is expiring within 6 months. So that was a big downer to my morning. I had a slow morning. I had my breakfast late and my shower late. Peter was so sympathetic that morning, because I think he was a bit sad that Safi couldn’t come too.

The girls and I went to the market with Rufus that morning and Peter, Lewes and Oscar stayed home to catch up on sleep and finish up with the editing for the video and radio production.

At the market I got some really good bargains. I got them at a stall from a lady called Pumpkin. She was a really nice lady. All of us got a few bits from the market. We had to leave on time because we needed to make it back in time for the exhibition.

On the way back we stopped over at the view point of Nairobi to take a few pictures. It was such an amazing view of the city.

We picked the boys up and went off to the exhibition. When we got there was a bit of commotion going on, because there were just a lot of events going on at that time. I had a chance to view the amazing images from the photography group, but was not able to watch the video or hear the audio because of all the noise. So we all just mingled and had some snacks, and took some pictures. I enjoyed the day. We all got to relax and wind down.


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