Last day at Rongo

Today was our final day working with the students at Rongo University. Together in the photography group we worked to write an introduction on Luo culture and community for the exhibition, covering the importance of the Lake for Luo people, how it brings them together, and then finally discussing the Luo dances the Kagan villagers performed. After lunch the day went from quite laidback to a mad rush, where I was trying really hard to put a simple digital storyboard together of all our chosen photographs for the exhibition. I think this is the most stressed I had felt throughout the whole trip. Having tried to use 3 different softwares on my Mac to do this, but on each software there was always something restricting me. The others in the group either didn’t have their own laptop and if they did they had no software for producing a digital storyboard. I joined a few guys from the film group who said they would help me put one together using Final Cut Pro. After we imported the photos and arranged them into order based on their theme, we realised that because the photos had been imported as a RAW file they were far to big to be seen within the small frame provided on Final Cut Pro. I was stressing majorly at this point! Although there wasn’t much we could do before the end of the day. I just felt really bad for the film guys who worked so hard to help me and then I had to tell them to not worry about finishing it. Fortunately the exhibition isn’t until the end of April so when I get back to Brighton I’ll nag some of my film friends to help me out then. 😉

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