Lake Simbi

Today was fun and especially amusing. We travelled about 2 hrs out to Lake Simbi in Homa Bay County. Before we arrived we were told that the lake was formed after a volcanic eruption that happened many years ago. Oh yes, and that it would be full of Flamingos. Although when we arrived, we were told that lake was formed after locals arrogantly refused to shelter a woman who sought refuge there. There was only a very small flock of flamingos on the opposite side of the lake, but when we tried to get close the Flamingos took off. The lake is also believed by many locals to be medicinal, with healing and curing powers… Lets just say I’m glad I didn’t need any spiritual healing today!… No but, the scenery surrounding the lake was beautiful and I’m glad we spent the day exploring. It was such a nice sunny day, and a perfect, picturesque location for our picnic lunch! A lovely last day spent with the students and staff of Rongo University.


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