Day 11 – reflections from the trip organiser

Day 11 and our final full day of participatory learning through community media partnerships is ahead of us tomorrow (day 12). We might not have internet connectivity from here on in and I’m not sure if I can even upload this but I will give an outline of yesterday’s activities and post as and when I can.

After the raw content collection at the Kagan Village with the Luo dancers and subsequent visit to various politicos and bureaucrats (including the Director of Culture; the Chief Officer; The County Secretary & the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning at Homa Bay County Government the previous day – this was production day. Brain storming; ideas sharing; storyboarding; transition and links recordings and editing was the nature of the day. The students worked flat out all day and progress was evident – as at times was the frustrations of the creative collaborations!

Moving between the various groups – suggesting ideas; listening to collaborative dialogue and decision making and resolving conflicts – I was impressed by the levels of engagement and commitment of all participants. I’ve said it before but it is worth saying again – I am incredibly proud of all participants of the CM4K 2016 collaborations. It has been amazing & so are the participants. Special shout-out to Lewes Bridson this time…as he was working on ploughing through 9 hours of video data yesterday night in an important sense-making exercise in readiness for the final editing sessions in Kenya.

This has been a particularly successful field-trip and I have high hopes that we have reached an important watershed for CM4K. The students of the LM376 Community Project module in the School of Art, Design & Media at the University of Brighton have been absolutely incredible and I salute them. I’m going to close this off for now. If I get a chance to upload the post I will include picture of the discussions at Homa Bay County Government as well as a few of the participants collaborating at Rongo University. That’s all for now. Watch out for the next post as Maasai Mara here we come J

One comment on “Day 11 – reflections from the trip organiser

  1. Congratulations everyone!! 🙂 you should all be so proud of yourselves, all that hard work has paid off and the media projects you have come up with sound fantastic. I’d love to get involved in some of the editing when you guys return home so I can hear all about it and the connections you’ve made. From your blogs i’ve really noticed the reciprocal nature of the projects core values have shone through !! Collaborative work can really produce so much more knowledge especially cross-culturally, it makes me think why we can’t do more stuff like this in the world when we produce such inspirational results

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