Travelling up the country

today I spent about 8 hours on a blue and golden bus crossing Kenya. We went across hills and rift valleys (the place of birth of man kind , so they say) , and I saw beautiful landscapes. Getting out of the city was a nice way to compare the different ways of life living not so far from one another. Although I did not stop very often and get out to walk around and the see the villages, I got a quick feel for them as we slowly drive through. Most villagers would stop and after to check us out. I must admit in this situation I did feel like a tourist just zooming through all these different villages. The villagers interacted with me in this way, as well by trying to seek me locally handmade and knick knacks. I no longer felt like I was a community partner, only a white girl visiting Kenyan to buy bracelets and take photos of lions. that was not my motivation for going to kenya, but this idea of the western rich tourist was mapped onto my body due to the color of my skin. I don’t like this idea of capitalist western tourist, it bothers me and makes me feel uncomfortable with my culture and interaction with locals.  This is not my idea of travelling and exploring is about…, 

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